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Date/Time (UTC) 5 Apr 16:005 Apr 15:005 Apr 14:005 Apr 13:005 Apr 12:005 Apr 11:005 Apr 10:005 Apr 09:005 Apr 08:005 Apr 07:005 Apr 06:005 Apr 05:00
LONGS 0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)0 (0%)001.2M+ (54%)0 (0%)527.9K+ (47%)5.8M+ (98%)3M+ (28%)0 (0%)664.5K+ (21%)
SHORTS 473K+ (100%)385.3K+ (100%)67K+ (100%)486.6K+ (100%)001M+ (46%)533K+ (100%)599.1K+ (53%)95.4K+ (2%)7.8M+ (72%)336K+ (100%)2.5M+ (79%)
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Price Quantity
Exchange: FTX Futures Pair: DOGE-USD Buy Wall: - Sell Wall: - Last Price: 24h Change: 24h High: 24h Low: Volume: 24h Longs: 24h Shorts: All Time High: 0.00359250 USD Down from ATH: -48.13 % Total Supply : 124B+ Circulating Supply: 124B+
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