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Bitcoin Nears Half the Age of the Average Fiat Currency

Bitcoin (BTC) is headed to its 11th anniversary, inviting comparison to the life cycle of fiat currencies. Commenters pointed out that fiat currencies are actually prone to crises, and sometimes go through denominations, or simply disappear. Bitcoin has already reached 40% of the life expectancy of the average fiat currency (27yrs). The most successful fiat currency has lost 99.5% of its value. — Willy Woo...

Cardano Leaps Into the Mainstream With New Balance in First Commercial Deployment of Its Blockchain

Cardano is jumping into the retail game with the launch of a blockchain test pilot for footwear giant New Balance. Developed by IOHK, the company behind the decentralized public blockchain Cardano, the pilot program is designed to track the authenticity of the brand’s newest basketball shoe. Cardano, a leading blockchain, will allow customers and retailers […]

ECB Executive Board Member Says There is a Requirement of ‘Highest Regulatory Standards’ on Stablecoins

Benoit Coeure, the respectable Executive Board Member of the European Central Bank, has urged a need for a stringent supervisory framework for governing digital currencies and stablecoin projects like Facebook’s Libra, stated a report by Bloomberg on Thursday, i.e., October 17. Mr. Benoit in an interview quoted that, In the case of Europe, neither the …

BlockFi Introduces Suite Of Institutional Investor Services

BlockFi has formally announced the introduction of BlockFi Institutional Services. Previously a retail hodler-focused company, it is now introducing enterprise-grade financing solutions for digital assets for institutional investors like market-makers, funds, exchanges, and family offices. The move represents an about-face for the lending platform, which decided to limit the interest rates on bitcoin deposits over […]

Bitcoin, Gold Dives in Tandem as China Posts Poor Economic Data

Perceived safe-haven assets Bitcoin and Gold were trending downwards on Friday as investors processed the emotional aftermath of China’s weak economic data. The BTC/USD instrument slipped by 1.96 percent, or $158.23, on San Francisco-based Coinbase exchange to trade at $7,917.97. The downside pressure mounted shortly after the Shanghai market open, leading to a circa $308...

Mark Zuckerberg Defends Freedom of Expression but Not Mentions Libra

Coinspeaker Mark Zuckerberg Defends Freedom of Expression but Not Mentions LibraSpeaking at Georgetown University, Mark Zuckerberg defended the freedom of expression but didn't even mention Facebook's Libra.Mark Zuckerberg Defends Freedom of Expression but Not Mentions Libra

Bakkt starts to pick up the pace after poor start – Bakkt News

Bakkt’s physically-settled bitcoin futures has been a hot topic of discussion since its launch. The exchange failed to report any substantial numbers during the initial days. But gradually, the trading volume on the exchange is increasing. Bakkt exchange today’s volume was 13 BTC, as the last traded price was $ 7,895. The launch of Bakkt’s […]

18 Millionth Bitcoin to Be Mined and 208 Days Left till BTC Halving

Coinspeaker 18 Millionth Bitcoin to Be Mined and 208 Days Left till BTC HalvingWhile Bitcoin is seeing some selling pressure around $8000 levels currently, 18 millionth BTC is to be mined soon.18 Millionth Bitcoin to Be Mined and 208 Days Left till BTC Halving

Libra, other stablecoins could hinder efforts to halt criminal use: FATF

The Financial Action Task Force [FATF], an inter-governmental organization that has pledged to combat money laundering and terrorism funding, has stated that Facebook and its stablecoin, Libra, would be subject to global standards on cryptocurrencies and traditional financial assets, according to reports. The Paris-based organization’s President, Xiangmin Liu, informed the press in the country, “If […]

What to Expect from Blockchain in 2020?

The year 2019 is soon coming to an end. We’re only a few months away from stepping into 2020, and the blockchain landscape is changing quickly. It’s been almost two years since the last bull run, and the whole ecosystem has evolved substantially in this period. New players are stepping in and out of the …

Group of Seven Report Says That Libra Launch Should Be Halted Until Risks Are Addressed Adequately

The Group of Seven has brought Facebook’s Libra project under the spotlight once again, and to the social media giant’s horror, the news is certainly not welcoming. “Facebook should not launch the global digital currency Libra until proper regulations are in place to handle the potential risks,” read the statement given by G7 on Thursday …

Ripple CEO claims to sign over 30 deals a week with financial institutions for blockchain payments

Brad Garlinghouse, chief executive officer of blockchain payments firm Ripple, has said that the company signs more than 30 deals a week with financial institutions.

Stellar Price Exhibits Downtrend with its Intraday Movement

Stellar (XLM) price is dealing with the bearish trend. However, the day started with a bullish trend and the market was indicating positive signs. Gradually, the price started moving down and now it is trading around $0.062. The market is marking volatility since the beginning of the month. Despite the heavy fluctuation in the price, …

Bitcoin Price “Death Cross” 10 Days Out as BTC Stagnates at $8,000

While mere days ago analysts were calling for Bitcoin (BTC) to correct higher to $9,000 and potentially even higher, this bullish scenario has not panned out. On the contrary, in fact. Since the weekend, the leading cryptocurrency has returned to $8,000 and has even started to flirt with the $7,000s once again. Related Reading: Bitcoin...

Apple’s CEO Meets Chinese Regulator Following Hong Kong App Affair

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO recently met the head of the Chinese market regulator a week after it removed an app that had drawn China’s ire. Last week, Apple had found itself in the middle of the political crisis regarding China and Hong Kong. An app named, that had been available in the Apple App …

Huobi announces plans to launch fiat gateway in Turkey

Huobi Exchange, one of the world’s largest crypto-asset trading platforms, is looking forward to solidifying its presence in Turkey after it was announced that the exchange is planning to launch a fiat gateway that would enable user access to over 250 virtual assets. Efforts to enter the Turkish cryptospace were revealed back in June itself, […]

Crypto-jackers now using fake WordPress plug-ins to mine cryptocurrencies

Cryptojacking softwares have become a nuisance lately and the main issue that concerns many is that they are getting sophisticated with every passing year, making it quite difficult to track them. According to a new report by the security company Sucuri, scammers are using fake WordPress plug-ins to gain access to victim’s computers to mine […]

Malaysia Officially Launches Blockchain Village, Medini (BVAM)

Khazanah Nasional Berhad, the sovereign capital fund of the Malaysian government, in association with its subsidiary i2M Ventures SDN BHD, today launched a Blockchain Village at Medini (BVAM) to facilitate the development of blockchain ecosystem in Malaysia. According to managing director of i2M Ventures, Zulfiqar Zainuddin, BVAM intends to develop the blockchain ecosystem in Medini …

Huobi To Start Tether Trading For ‘Important’ Turkey Lira By End Of 2019

Major cryptocurrency exchange Huobi plans to become the first international player to launch trading of Turkey’s Lira by 2020. Huobi: Lira is 5th Biggest Fiat On-Ramp In a press release issued on October 18, Huobi said the first step in its expansion into the Turkish market should go live by the end of the year. The exchange is seeking to gain a foothold in Turkey, which it identifies as a prospective active market based onRead More

Does Bitcoin Have Competition?

Every time cryptocurrencies are brought up in conversations, the first thing that comes to one’s mind is bitcoin. And indeed, since the bitcoin came into existence many years ago, there was nothing similar on the market. It entered our lives slowly and left such an impression that no one even thought about anything else for …

Libra Roundup: G7 Voice Concerns, Senator Adds Support, New Study Emerges

Today, G7 countries have documented their concerns about the impact of stablecoins on the global monetary system, US Senator Michael Rounds has offered fresh words of support, and a new survey has emerged on Libra adoption 67% of Nigerian Businesses Would Welcome Libra While Facebook’s intention to launch a global digital currency sparked reactions among governments and regulators in developed countries, no-one has bothered to ask the opinion...

What is Facebook Libra? All you need to know

Facebook Incorporated does not require any introduction whatsoever; however, Facebook Libra is having a really hard time defining, What is Facebook Libra to the authorities and users alike. On the one hand, authorities, including the United States (US), Russia, China, Canada, Germany, and France, are now bashing the Facebook project with all their rigor. On the other hand, users have largely rejected Facebook Libra, with only thirty-percent (30%)...

Ripple Takes a Reversal turn from Yesterday’s Uptrend

Ripple books downtrend with its intraday movement Within the yesterday’s price movement; XRP soars by 6.24% Ripple (XRP) price is indicating a downtrend in the chart. The day opened with an uptrend, but it looks like the market pressure has pulled the price. The coin has marked an uptrend in the 15-day chart, and with …

Investment Firm Leader Reveals That the 18 Millionth Bitcoin Will Be Mined on Friday

Taking pride in being the face of the cryptocurrency arena, the Bitcoin network is likely to initiate the mining of the 18 millionth BTC on Friday, i.e., October 18, 2019, as was stated by Anthony Pompliano in his tweet on October 15. Anthony is the well-known co-founder of leading investment enterprise, Morgan Creek Digital Assets. …

Bitcoin lightning startup ACINQ launches a wallet for faster payments ‘under 3 minutes’

ACINQ, a startup that is working on bitcoin’s Lightning Network to make it a “scalable and instant” payments network, has just launched a wallet for making faster payments.

Today The 18 Millionth Bitcoin Will Be Mined

At the current rate, we can expect the 18 millionth Bitcoin to be mined. This will leave only 3 million more to mine. With the Bitcoin halving approaching quickly, it’s perhaps time to appreciate one of the most predominant qualities of Bitcoin, namely, its digital scarcity. 18 Millionth Bitcoin Mined Bitcoin’s history begins a little […]

Binance Futures increases leverage for BTC/USDT contracts to 125x

Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange giant Binance has announced that it is increasing the leverage on its Futures platform for its BTC/USDT Futures contract to 125x, which previously only supported 20x leverage. According to Binance, traders will be able to trade at any leverage between 1x and 125x. As per the release, at 125x leverage a 100 […]

Binance Futures Rolls Out 125X Leverage on Margin Trading

Per an official announcement by Binance’s twitter handle, Binance Futures has increased maximum leverage on Bitcoin (BTC)/Tether (USDT) contracts to 125x. Users Can Now Hold

New Balance Athletics Inc. Launches a Pilot Project Based on Distributed Ledger Blockchain Technology

Headquartered in Boston, New Balance Athletics Inc., which takes pride in being the world’s leading sports apparel and footwear firm, has broadcasted the news about the launch of its highly anticipated pilot program in collaboration with research and development company, Input Output Hong Kong or IOHK, as it is popularly addressed as. The project will …

Upbit Operator Dunamu to Build OTC Stock Platform

The operator of the Upbit exchange extends into another area of trading. Dunamu, the firm behind one of the leading South Korean exchanges, will launch an OTC platform for unlisted stocks. Dunamu Aggregates Data, Trading for Unlisted OTC Stocks Dunamu will open a platform to host all types of unlisted stocks, reported The Korea Herald. Dunamu will partner with Samsung Securities and data firm, Deep Search, to launch the platform by the end of...

Binance Futures Maxes Leverage Bar Out To 125X

When it comes to making enormous crypto gains or getting absolutely annihilated in the shortest possible time, Binance is the place to go. For maximum gains or losses on your Bitcoin, the futures trading platform has just upped the ante with a new 125X leverage option on Bitcoin futures contracts. If you seek to profit […]

Huobi launching fiat-to-crypto gateway in Turkey later this year

Cryptocurrency exchange Huobi Global will soon allow residents of Turkey to buy cryptocurrencies with their local fiat currency, the Turkish lira.

Litecoin reaches $53; Doesn’t Seem to be a Favorable Day for intraday Investors

The intraday recovery stalls in Litecoin The current price movement indicates the declining trend Litecoin (LTC) was seen booking losses from the past couple of days. The improvement that the coin faced yesterday was short-lived and the price is turning back and is currently trading at $53. The price seems moving towards the immediate support …

ENS Announces the Launch of Multicoin Support on Mainnet

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is the internet naming service, developed with smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. It has recently declared the launch of multi-coin support on the mainnet. Already 15 wallet partners have been involved in supporting this new feature. This implies clients would now be able to utilize one ENS name for, Majority …

Binance offers 125X margin borrowing for high-risk traders

As if BitMEX’s 100X wasn’t enough, Binance will now offer 125X margin on Bitcoin-Tether pairings. 

R3 partners with London-based Archax to manage post-trade activites

Enterprise blockchain software firm, R3, has signed a partnership with London-based institutional digital securities exchange, Archax, on 18 October. In accordance with the partnership, R3 will not only handle Archax’s post-trade activities on a distributed ledger, but will also build its infrastructure to reduce friction in the post-trade process. CEO of Archax Graham Rodford welcomed […]

Global Crisis Looms as IMF Report Cites Its Own Policy as Dangerous

In a new report by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) entitled “Global Financial Stability Report: Lower for Longer,” the group gives an overview of the current debt-ridden and precarious state of affairs in global economics. Not lost on some economists, however, is the irony that these modern realities are the direct result of policies historically […]

Stablecoins Pose More Issues Than Benefits – G7 Task Force Report

The G7 task force has finally released its report. The latter highlights the shortcomings in the prevailing cross- border payment systems. However, the force is

Despite Positivity, Businesses Cautious About Brexit

Thursday proved to be a momentous day for the United Kingdom as the country finally managed to agree to a deal to exit the European Union and it seems that the Brexit affair might be nearing its end. However, the deal will need to be passed by the Members of Parliament before the whole thing …

Binance increases leverage up to 125x for its futures trading platform

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance’s futures trading platform, Binance Futures, has just increased leverage up to 125 times from 20 times earlier. Announcing the news on Friday, Binance said traders can now select any leverage from 1x to 125x for its bitcoin (BTC)/ tether (USDT) futures contracts.