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Coronavirus Second Order Effects and Improving on Bitcoin With BitTorrent Creator Bram Cohen

BitTorrent creator and Chia CEO Bram Cohen joins the hosts of Let's Talk Bitcoin! To discuss the limitations of Satoshi's approach to Nakamoto consensus, how he believes it can be improved and the lasting impacts of coronavirus lockdowns.

Bitcoin trading volume on exchanges grew 61 percent in Q1 compared to previous quarter

Bitcoin trading volumes grew sharply in Q1 of 2020 amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How is Bitcoin performing after the crash? Altcoins show promise

Bitcoin gets rejected from the $7,000 level for the 5th time in 15 days showing that the bears are in effect. This struggle to climb above the $7,000 mark comes after the price plunged from $9,200 to

Deutsche Bank Predicts GDP Plunge of 10% to 20%, But China Says Not as Bad as 2008

Deutsche Bank estimates Spain’s economy to be worst hit with a fall of 20% in GDP for the first quarter of 2020. All major economies are expected to contract as...

Will Bitcoin Price Hit $70,000 Post Halving?

Many analysts asserted that 2020 would be a strong year for the Bitcoin market long before the current global economic crisis began. Most notably, the flagship cryptocurrency was expected to jump after May’s block reward halving. New data now suggest that these predictions are still on-track. Data And Public Sentiment Point To Major Bitcoin Gains Analyst PlanB continues to stand by the assertion that Bitcoin’s stock-to-flow ratio points to...

Cash And Debit Cards May Transmit COVID-19 And CBDCs Could Be The Solution, BIS Report Says

Amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, world governments and central banks should focus on launching CBDCs, a BIS report suggested. By using digital currencies, people could avert cash, credit card terminals, or PIN pads – which may transmit the novel virus. Coronavirus And Money The COVID-19 outbreak took the world by storm. Over 1.2 […]

John McAfee Praises Ethereum, Monero, And DAI While Branding Bitcoin As ‘Worthless’

Famed computer programmer John McAfee believes the top cryptocurrency is basically worthless. He said this on Twitter a few hours ago while applauding ethereum, DAI, and Monero. As you may remember, McAfee was once a staunch bitcoin advocate before doing a 180 on the king of cryptocurrencies. “Bitcoin Is Worthless” John McAfee took to Twitter […]

For Bitcoin, can cloud mining help increase its decentralization?

Over the past decade, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have received greater recognition and have also seen increased adoption from institutional investors. Prior to Bitcoin, decentralized forms of cu

Warren Buffett’s Grandsons to Prefer Bitcoin? Binance CEO Thinks So

Warren Buffett appears to have finally felt the impact of the ongoing economic crisis after his company Berkshire Hathaway, confirmed the sale of airline stocks. The Berkshire Hathaway owner and CEO has remained strongly bullish on the financial markets despite the negative forecast of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it seems the pressure has caught up […]

Unemployment Seemingly Next Pandemic in the US

Coronavirus epidemic is wreaking havoc on the nations all across the world, thrashing away the world economy, which will soon result in massive unemployment all across the world. The New York Times has recently quoted some of the remarks made by federal officials in its Twitter handle: Vacant jobs and high turnover mean the U.S. …

Cash and Central Banks: New Research Shows Why Fear Could Spark Adoption of Digital Currencies

The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) has released a new report on cash and the future of payments. Research from the Swiss-based bank for central banks shows that growing concern about cash and how the coronavirus is transmitted is among several factors that could accelerate the use of digital payments and the adoption of digital […]

Where to Buy Bitcoin in India: Cryptocurrency Exchanges Lower Their Fees

Since the supreme court lifted the RBI ban, more people have been looking to buy bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in India. Responding to community feedback, a number of cryptocurrency exchanges have lowered their fees as the Indian crypto sector continues to grow. Also read: IMF Declares Global Recession, 80 Countries Request Help, Trillions of Dollars […]

XRP plays leader as DigiByte and Maker form wedges in allegiance

At this time in the cryptocurrency market, it's all about making good on lost ground, and altcoins are certainly following that motto. Leading the way is the second-largest altcoin on the market, XRP,

Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Struggles At $146 As It Progresses Against Bitcoin

Ethereum increased by 11% over the past 7-days as the cryptocurrency reaches $143. ETH broke above a consolidation pattern this week after rising above the upper boundary of a triangle at $140. Against Bitcoin, Ethereum is attempting to recover as it sets its sights toward the 0.021 BTC level again. Key Support & Resistance Levels […]

March Crypto Digest: Bitfinex Shimmers, HitBTC Announces Demo Platform, Binance Wins New Partners

Coinspeaker March Crypto Digest: Bitfinex Shimmers, HitBTC Announces Demo Platform, Binance Wins New PartnersIn this digest, we will look at some of the major new developments amongst major crypto exchanges that were implemented in the past month.March Crypto Digest: Bitfinex Shimmers, HitBTC Announces Demo Platform, Binance Wins New Partners

How Federal Reserve Prints Dollars and Throws Dust in Eyes of American Taxplayers

Coinspeaker How Federal Reserve Prints Dollars and Throws Dust in Eyes of American TaxplayersThe article provides an explanation of how the U.S. Federal Reserve devalues dollars by printing them in huge amounts and saves corporations for the money of taxpayers.How Federal Reserve Prints Dollars and Throws Dust in Eyes of American Taxplayers

Why would you long Bitcoin here? Shorting is the safest bet

With Bitcoin slowly severing its connection with the stock markets and trying to breach the $7,000-mark, the community seems to be in a good mood. Fear seems to be retaliating with the FGI at 12, a 2-

Nano, HedgeTrade, Bitcoin: Technical indices for coins hint at further gains

Despite several pullbacks along the away Bitcoin and its peer altcoins have maintained a steady upward momentum. As the collective market cap stood at $192 million, the cryptocurrencies have been eyei

Crypto derivatives exchanges have found a new home in Asia

Last year has been very good for the Bitcoin derivatives market, with steady growth and an overall increase in interest from the cryptosphere. People have started visualizing these derivatives as […]

Monero, ICON and Ontology price: Will short-term bears affect these alts' recovery rate?

Altcoins are recovering, but they are also experiencing short-term downward breakouts. For instance, altcoins like Monero, ICON, and Ontology have recorded an uptrend post the 'Black Thursday', but a

Crypto firms join hands to fight coronavirus pandemic

Many crypto firms likewise, other organizations from the tech sector, finance, etc. have joined forces to fight the raging pandemic, for humane intentions as well as many other reasons. Crypto […]

Bottled water crypto scam lands pastor in SEC hot waters

The U.S. Securities and Exchanges commission (SEC) has indicted a former pastor and his spouse for allegedly hoodwinking $500,000 using three illicit businesses. Among the three unscrupulous businesses, is a […]

FTT, Hedera Hashgraph, Litecoin could be in troubled waters again

Another pullback could be on the way for altcoins such as Litecoin, Hedera Hashgraph, and FTX Token as technical indices failed to project a positive picture for the coins' future in the short-term.

Peter Schiff: Doomsday Is Coming, Gold Price Will Prevail: But, What About Bitcoin?

More and more financial experts are standing behind gold’s role in an upcoming economic turmoil. The merits and safe-haven status of the precious metal are aligning popular beliefs that it will outperform most (if not all) financial assets in the next few years. Gold To Stand Above All Whether or not the COVID-19 is the […]

Bitcoin SV, Dogecoin and Cosmos: Bullish signs for the few, not the many

While the larger trend for the collective cryptocurrency market is one of a road to recovery, some haven't got the memo. Bitcoin SV, the Bitcoin copycat, for instance, is trading with relative ease, a

FDIC Chair Literally Urges Americans Not To Hide Money Under The Mattress: Do-Or-Die For Bitcoin? (Opinion)

Toilet paper isn’t the only thing people are hoarding during the coronavirus panic. In a sign of the times, FDIC Chair Jelena McWilliams literally asked Americans not to hoard cash under the mattress. That is not the message you want to turn on your television to hear the government telling people. Because that means it’s […]

Has the cryptocurrency derivatives market found its home in Asia?

For cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, 2019 saw increased growth and interest in its derivatives market as major institutions started to back digital assets like the king coin as legitimate forms of lo

The U.S. Dollar is Dying, Buy Bitcoin: “Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author

The past few weeks have undoubtedly been rough for crypto; from the February highs, Bitcoin has fallen 36%, reaching a low of $3,800 in March. Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the popular financial book “Rich Dad Poor Dad,” sees no reason to fear, though. In fact, the well-known investor recently went as far as to...

Zilliqa Offers Highly Scalable and Secure Blockchain Platform

The evolution of blockchain technology has opened a vast number of opportunities in a variety of business disciplines. Right from the supply chain to Logistics and consumer electronics to FMCG, open ledger technology is manifesting its benefits for the entire ecosystem involved in accomplishing business objectives. Zilliqa: A name to reckon with Zilliqa is one …

Cardano aims at a bullish run; Zcash and OKB walk the same path

It's been over 20 days since that day. The day every market crashed, stranding them on the road to recovery. While BTC is recovering at its own pace, altcoins like Cardano, OKB, and privacy coin Zca

Tidal Wave of Lawsuits Accuse Bitcoin (BTC) and Crypto Companies of Selling Unregistered Securities

A long list of Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto-related companies are now facing class-action lawsuits that accuse them of illegally selling unregistered securities in the United States. The lawsuits were first revealed by Offshore Alert, a news service that focuses on financial crime. A total of 11 lawsuits have reportedly been filed in federal court in […]

BTC price can fall to $3000 – predicts this analyst

This Historical Model predicts the fall of Bitcoin’s Price to $3,000! theres so many different ways you could count btc here. either wxy, larger triangle, larger flat, im not too sure, the one thing that does stick out is the series of 3 wave moves and lack of 5 wave motives. for this reason i […]

Tezos, Decred and NEM: Stability isn't everyone's cup of tea

Contrarian markets love to mock most cryptocurrencies about its lack of stability, for lack of nuance, if not anything else. The diverse altcoin market, unlike Bitcoin on its own, has shades of stabil

Bitcoin Showing Signs of Weakness But 100 SMA Can Trigger New Rally

Bitcoin is struggling to gain momentum above the key $7,000 resistance against the US Dollar. BTC is likely to surge past $7,000 as long as it is above $6,400 and the 100 SMA (H4). Bitcoin price is currently showing a few bearish signs below the $7,000 resistance area. There is a strong support forming above...

Matic Network: A Unique Solution to Your Smart Contract Platforms

Matic Network comes as a solution to the myriad shortcomings of blockchain smart contract platforms like scalability, low transaction speed, or the high speed at the cost of decentralization. Often, these shortcomings have lessened the utility of smart contract platforms, although few decentralized apps (DApps) have gained a large user base. They have reduced the …

Ethereum Breaking This Crucial Support Could Spark a Sharp Decline

Ethereum is struggling to gain bullish momentum above the $145 resistance against the US Dollar, similar to bitcoin. ETH price must stay above the $140 support area to remain in an uptrend. ETH price is currently facing a strong resistance near $145 and $150 against the US Dollar. There is a crucial support forming near...

Traders Are Loading Up On Bitcoin Longs: What Does This Mean?

Bitcoin may have crashed 50% in a single day in March, but this hasn’t stopped traders from investing in the cryptocurrency. In fact, a number of data sources suggest that a majority of investors are starting to load up on their BTC positions, despite the uncertainty in the global economy. Bitcoin Investors Are Buying At...

The Best Crypto Derivative Exchanges

Derivatives are efficient trading instruments that can offer traders an edge in managing risk and multiplying profits. Here are the top four derivative exchanges that we recommend. Why Use Derivatives?...

Crypto Tidbits: Bitcoin At $7,000, FATF Regulation, Coinbase Backs Ethereum DeFi

Another week, another round of Crypto Tidbits. Over the past week, Bitcoin has performed rather well, rallying from $6,100 to $6,800 as of the time of this article’s writing, a few percent shy of the multi-week high of $7,200. Altcoins followed the market leader, posting similar gains. Bitcoin remains below the key resistance around $7,000, which...

Coronavirus Pandemic Results in First State Bank Failure

The coronavirus crisis continues to make its mark on the financial sector. It was a matter of time until the first bank failed because of it, which has now happened in West Virginia. Most people seem to ignore how the global financial system has been broken for many years now. First Bank to Fail During […]