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Bitcoin Price Analysis: Bollinger Suggests HUGE BTC Move Coming Up Very Shortly

The BTC consolidation continues: for the past four days, Bitcoin’s price range had been shrunk to $150 only. From above $7300, from below $7150. This is coming after almost two weeks, since December began, of nearly zero volatility. The only people who benefit from such a market are those who run crypto margin exchanges. However, […]

3 Reasons why fundamentals are strong for Ethereum: ConsenSys co-founder

Ethereum has seen an increase in user activity throughout 2019. Backed by the strong growth of DeFi, the ecosystem is expected to expand rapidly entering into 2020. According to Joseph Lubin, the co-founder of ConsenSys which is considered to be the largest blockchain development software firm, the fundamentals of Ethereum are strengthening. Optimistic numbers for […]

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Foundation Made $100 Million by Selling ETH at ATH

According to a recent statement by Vitalik Buterin, he managed to convince the Ethereum Foundation to sell 70,000 ETH at the height of 2017’s parabolic run, resulting in a $100 million liquidity. ETH is still the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. However, its price today is nowhere near what it used to be two years ago. Volatility has taken a hit and a break out seems all the less likely. Ethereum Foundation Sold 70,000 ETHRead...

The US-based health insurance company Anthem to use blockchain technology.

According to the Forbes report, US health insurance company Anthem is looking to secure medical data using the blockchain technology. Currently, it is testing the feature for a small group of numbers, but in a few years, all of its 40 million members will have access to it.   Blockchain eliminates trust issues for the […]

Christmas Comes Early for Games Players’s very own online gaming platform has a special promotion for the holiday season. Each day for the next 12 days, the players ranking in the top 10 places on the Stars leaderboard will be eligible to participate in a daily Christmas raffle. Players can win gift cards from Adidas, Columbia, Footlocker, Delta, and other […]

Bitcoin Price Today Draws Controversies as it Trades Stably Around $7,200

Bitcoin News Today Bitcoin (BTC) draws a declining trend as observed from the cumulative movement over the past two years. It currently trades around $7,250 and forms a declining channel. In order to observe the trend that BTC price has been exhibiting since it hit the ultimate top and bottom around $20,000 and $3000 respectively, …

Bitcoin Volatility Dwindling, Has BTC Taken an Early Vacation?

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets are slowing down. There has been very little activity over the past week as volumes and volatility decline. Technical indicators are also lining up which could indicate a larger move is imminent or is BTC on vacation for the rest of the year? Bitcoin Slowing Down This may not be such a bad thing. One of the points bitcoin detractors always make is that it is too volatile to be usedRead More

NYOAG Plainly Says It Will Blow Up Bitfinex for Defrauding Investors

Coinspeaker NYOAG Plainly Says It Will Blow Up Bitfinex for Defrauding InvestorsThe USDT "token distribution" may start changing in next days due to the bad news for Bitfinex and Tether.NYOAG Plainly Says It Will Blow Up Bitfinex for Defrauding Investors

Bitcoin app Bottle Pay halts ops over EU money laundering laws

Bottle Pay, a social media tipping site based on Bitcoin, announced the company's shutdown on December 13 due to new EU guidelines. Launched in June 2019, the company shut down barely three months aft

Binance Joins Hands With Paxful to Streamline Bitcoin Purchases

Headquartered in Malta, Binance crypto exchange, which takes pride in being one of the world’s leading trading platforms, has broadcasted the news about its new strategic collaboration with Paxful, the leading P2P platform that facilitates seamless Bitcoin purchasing for the users. On Thursday, the two leading firms came together to enter into a partnership to …

Bitcoin Set to Shatter $100K in 2020, Says Ross Ulbricht – BTC, Ripple, XRP, Litecoin Updates

From a Bitcoin forecast by the creator of the notorious Silk Road marketplace to rising volume on the XRP Ledger, here’s a look at some of the stories breaking in the world of crypto. Bitcoin Bitcoin is poised to surge to $100,000 over the next year, according to the founder of the darknet market Silk […]

Sweden Joins China and Others in Central Bank Crypto Race

It seems that not a day goes by without another central bank jumping on the crypto train. Yesterday it was South Korea, today it is Sweden as plans to roll out the crypto krona gather pace. e-Krona Pilot Partnership Sweden’s central bank is poised to sign a deal with multinational professional services company Accenture to begin pilot testing its CBDC, the e-krona. According to reports the partnership is for an initial year-long run to theRead...

Controversial Libra makes changes to its Whitepaper

Facebook announced to launch its crypto project earlier this year, but the social media giant has been under constant scrutiny from regulators all around the world. According to the original whitepaper, interest accrued for the reserve assets would be used towards paying dividends to Libra Association members as the earliest investors in the project and […]

Quadriga's bankrupt customers want to dig up deceased CEO for 'exhumation'

Remember Gerald Cotten? The CEO of Quadriga, Canada's largest cryptocurrency exchange, who died last year with sole knowledge of the exchange's $130 million cryptocurrencies, and turned out that he sp

FIR filed against 3 Quikr employees for stealing crores from the company

Online frauds have picked up pace recently, and another case of such fraud has come into the limelight. This time the classified advertisement company Quikr is involved in this massive corporate fraud where three of its employees stole crores from the company according to a report. In a complaint filed with the police, Quikr revealed that three of […]

Upbit hackers attempt to launder stolen funds via decentralized exchange.

Upbit exchange suffered a major hack recently when hackers managed to steal $50 million worth of ETH from the exchange’s hot wallet. Since then, hackers have dispersed the stolen funds into different wallets.   Stolen ETH exchanged for EOS-pegged token VEOS. According to the Whale Alert report, the Upbit hacker sent a small portion of […]

Samson Mow questions the worth of Crypto Media’s Subscription as it goes Overboard

Samson Mow, an entrepreneur and CSO of Blockstream mocks crypto journalists for their consistent accusations which add little value to space. Mow asserts that The

Facebook Employee Exposes Financial Details of 29,000 Colleagues

Facebook tends to make a lot of headlines for the wrong reasons. This time is no different, as a data theft event affects roughly 29,000 employees’ data. It would appear that the social media giant has a data breach on its hand with quite a big impact. Another PR Nightmare for Facebook The personal financial […]

EOS Price: retraces above $2.630

With a day’s range of $2.612 to $2.629, the EOS price line retraces back above $2.630 on December 13. EOS Price 24-Hour Analysis Price Chart by TradingView As per the price chart that is shown above, EOS started the day with a trading price of $2.581, after which it varied between $2.570 and $2.590 until at 8:12 GMT, where it shows its day’s low of $2.570 and then follows a bullish movement towards $2.620. The cryptocurrency shows...

How Crypto is Evolving into a Trustless Banking System With DeFi and Dai

The primary pull of decentralized crypto assets is financial freedom from the flawed banking system. Bitcoin is one step but without greater adoption it is still just a speculative vehicle. DeFi and decentralized protocols based on banking are another and they’re gaining traction fast. Crypto Exchanges too Centralized Many envisaged 2019 being the year of...

Dogecoin Price: reaches $0.00208

The Dogecoin price line sets smaller price jumps from $0.00209000 to $0.00217000 for December 13. Dogecoin 24-Hour Analysis Price Chart by TradingView Right after the Dogecoin price line began its journey into December 13 with a day’s low of 0.00208538 US dollars, the cryptocurrency saw bulls that led it towards $0.00216000. Dogecoin started its usual fluctuations with its highs set at $0.00216000, and the lows at $0.00208535. At 4:46 GMT,...

Cryptocurrency Bollinger Band Squeeze Will Spur Next Big Move

Technical indicators are getting to that stage where another big move is becoming imminent on cryptocurrency markets. After several weeks of consolidation this is usually the case which leaves us with the big question; up or down? Bitcoin Still in Slumber Very little has happened on BTC markets over the past day or so. A...

Bitcoin Tipping Site Shutdown as EU Regulations Threaten Crypto Collapse in 2020

Bottle Pay, a social media tipping site based on Bitcoin announces shutdown of operations due to regulatory risk from the 5AMDL regulation. EU’s statuary body

Bitcoin Cash Price: retraces towards $211

As of December 13, Bitcoin Cash price gradually retraces towards the $211 US Dollar mark on its price chart. Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: December 13 Price Chart by TradingView The cryptocurrency stood below the $206 level before it saw bulls just as December 13 dawned. The Bitcoin Cash / U.S. Dollar trading pair jumped straight towards the $208 level, after which it exhibited a disarranged behaviour in the price line. At GMT 8:14 GMT, the price...

Why Bitcoin Price Crossing $10,000 is so Important: Top Investor Explains

For some reason or another, Bitcoin investors have long gravitated to round numbers. $1, that’s important. $100, make sure you watch that level. $1,000, all hands on deck. According to a prominent cryptocurrency investor and commentator, there’s truth to the importance of these round numbers, especially in this nascent market. Related Reading: Last Weekly Golden...

VeChain Foundation has 1.1 Billion VET Tokens Stolen due to Human Error

A little bit of confusion or controversy often goes a long way in the cryptocurrency industry. Evidence indicates that the VeChain Foundation’s address to buy back VET has been compromised. The announcement was made by the Foundation themselves earlier tonight. A Major VeChain Foundation Hiccup In the blog post, the team confirms 1.1 billion VET […]

The Country With Europe’s Highest Interest Rate Has Cut It 5 Times This Year

Around half of European countries, over 20, now have 0% interest rates and a few are already in negative territory. Ukraine, which has the highest benchmark interest rate on the continent, has just reduced it again, for the fifth time this year. The race between central banks to cut rates, when there is inflation, has […]

XRP May Soon Test Key Resistance Level as Crypto Markets Consolidate

The ongoing bear market that was first sparked in early-2018 has been particularly impactful for XRP, in spite of a significant amount of positive news regarding the utility that has been created for the digital currency through Ripple’s various cross-border payment systems. In the near-term, XRP may see some relief however, as one analyst is […]

Ethereum Options Sellers Exceed Buyers, Will ETH Price Drop Below $130?

An analysis of Ethereum Options at Deribit, a crypto derivatives trading platform, reveals that the trading community expects ETH prices to tank in days ahead.

Lightning Network will be handling large Bitcoin payments soon

Lightning Network [LN], the micropayment protocol that was essentially created to enable instant, low-cost Bitcoin transactions, is all set to make multi-path payments interoperable. According to a re

Death of QuadrigaCX CEO: Victims demand proof of CEO’s death by exhuming body

Canadian law firm Miller Thompson has requested the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to exhume the body of QuadrigaCX CEO and conduct a thorough autopsy. QuadrigaCX CEO really dead? QuadrigaCX CEO Gerald Miller’s death was surrounded by controversy as he seemed to have died during a trip to India while being the only employee of the company to possess the private keys of the wallets. The platform’s users faced difficulties before the...

VeChain Foundation Hacked, $6.5 Million in VET Stolen

The VeChain Foundation was hacked for 1.1 billion VET tokens worth $6.5 million. Internal misconduct is likely the cause. Today, at 12:27 a.m. GMT, VeChain’s buyback address was compromised. The security breach was likely caused by misconduct from inside the foundation’s finance team, stated the report. Information from the foundation purports that the wallet was […]

VeChain Calls on All Crypto Exchanges to Block 1.1 Billion in Stolen VET Tokens

The VeChain Foundation is calling on cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe to block 1.1 billion in the company's native cryptocurrency, VET.

Ethereum’s Volatility Is at Multi-Year Lows; Is a Massive Movement Imminent?

Ethereum and the aggregated crypto markets have been caught in a firm downtrend since early-November, and dwindling trading volume has resulted in ETH and other cryptocurrencies facing an ongoing period of sideways trading that has been frustrating for investors and traders alike. This lack of volatility has especially impacted Ethereum, which is currently witnessing the...

New York AG expands on accusations against Tether, Bitfinex

The 74-page filing pulls no punches, framing Bitfinex and Tether's legal maneuvering as "deeply perverse."

Bitcoin to Hit All-Time High Next Year After Wild Ride for BTC, ETH and XRP in 2019, Predicts Blockchain Capital

The crypto-focused investment firm Blockchain Capital just released a retrospective on the crypto market in 2019, as well as a set of bold Bitcoin and crypto predictions for the new year. The report cites Bitcoin’s emerging street cred as an uncorrelated asset and a broad recovery in the crypto market at large as two of […]

Keybase ends Stellar airdrop thanks to hordes of ‘crappy fake accounts’

Despite promises of 2 billion tokens and $120 million in free Stellar Lumens (XLM), Keybase has called off the airdrop due to an influx of spam accounts.

Matic Cryptocurrency Has Lost Two-Thirds of Its Value

Matic – an alleged competitor of bitcoin – has reportedly sunk into oblivion and lost most of its value in just a matter of minutes. Matic: One of the Space’s Biggest Droops This is something that many crypto enthusiasts get stuck dealing with in one way or another. After all, even mega currencies like bitcoin...

Boris, Brexit, and Bitcoin: How the UK’s General Election Might Impact Crypto

In yesterday’s UK General Election, the British people voted for the Conservative Party to take office for another term. The pound responded with a sudden rise in value reminiscent of a Bitcoin move. However, with the now majority Conservative party campaigning to just “get Brexit done”, the future value of both the pound and euro...

2019’s Bitcoin Miners Are 5x Faster Than Predecessors

High-powered bitcoin miners and next-generation semiconductors go hand in hand and as process node technology grows, SHA256 hashrate follows. Coinshares’ recent bi-annual mining report highlights that newly introduced mining rigs have “as much as 5x the hashrate per unit as their generational predecessors.” Advanced chip technology has grown relentlessly and it’s significantly bolstered ASIC device […]