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Argo blockchain announces tenfold increase in mining revenue for 2019

Cryptocurrency mining firm Argo Blockchain is in the news after it recently announced that it recorded a tenfold increase in revenue for 2019, in comparison to 2018, according to a report. The firm, i

Davos 2020 Will Have Impressive List of Speakers, Ripple CEO May Also Join

Coinspeaker Davos 2020 Will Have Impressive List of Speakers, Ripple CEO May Also JoinBusiness leaders and politicians from around the world are gearing up to attend another session of the World Economic Forum (WEF), in Davos. Ripple CEO may be one of the guests.Davos 2020 Will Have Impressive List of Speakers, Ripple CEO May Also Join

Fidelity is hiring bitcoin mining engineer to scale its operations

Asset management giant Fidelity, with over $7 trillion in client assets, is seeking a bitcoin mining engineer to scale its operations.

Bitcoin: The Biggest Opportunity Of 2020

Bitcoin provides the greatest potential reward per unit of risk of any asset class currently available.If the stock to flow model holds as a predictor of future prices, a parabolic advance will occur this year.There are three frameworks to use when thinking about Bitcoin: a financial disintermediary, an alternative form of money, and digital scarcity.

Bitcoin's halving a test of the asset class's core investment thesis

Matt Chwierut, Director of Research at leading blockchain research firm, Smith + Crown, is the latest to give his input on the upcoming halving event and Bitcoin's dominance this year. In a recent gue

ETC Can Be Merged Into an Ethereum 2.0 Shard Says Vitalik Buterin

ETC briefly made it to the top ten coins recently, turning the leaderboard into three bitcoins and two eths for a few hours. The copy clone of ethereum, however, can...

Bitcoin Halving Isn’t Priced In Based On This Indicator, Which Means Price Will React

On May 9th, 2020, the 630,000th Bitcoin block will be mined, during which mining rewards will get cut in half to 6.25 BTC per block. And typically, speculation on how this will affect the Bitcoin price is rife. On the one hand, some believe the halving event is priced in, meaning there will be no...

Bitcoin Price Could Crash to $5K Before Halving Bull Run, Analyst

Bitcoin (BTC) is playing a game of averages, once again drawing attention to significant support levels. What is expected is a breakout move, though the direction remains uncertain. Bitcoin Stands at Another Threshold for Significant Price Move Bitcoin prices have gone through threshold moments like these in the past months. The price fluctuated in the thin range between bullish and bearish, with rogue moves along the way. Now, the $10,000 trek...

How Bitcoin Returns are Dwarfing Investor Expectations

A recent survey on crypto twitter has revealed that a lower annual rate of return would be expected for almost 40% of those questioned. In reality, bitcoin investments have made a whole lot more. Bitcoin Investors Expect Less Than 30% Returns A recent survey conducted by industry observer Nic Carter has revealed some interesting findings on expectations on returns on bitcoin investments. Over 1,700 people were polled and almost 40% of them said...

Lawsuit Against Ripple May Decide the Fate of XRP but Regulators Have the Final Say

A prolonged legal battle, which may hold the key to XRP’s future, has been extended again. The class action lawsuit alleges that Ripple issued and sold the coin, one of the largest by market cap, as an unregistered security. The decision on the defendant’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit has been postponed. But even a […]

Wanchain 4.0 Goes Live with Support for Private Chains

Wanchain has launched version 4.0 of its interoperability-focused blockchain. The project announced the release via a blog post on Jan. 20. This upgrade allows Wanchain to expand its interoperability objectives by providing support for private blockchains, also known as enterprise or consortium blockchains. This version will confront some of the obstacles facing private blockchains, including […]

Thailand's SEC issues crypto-trading license to Zipmex exchange

Thailand-based cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex has acquired a license from Thai regulators to open shop. The exchange operated mainly in Singapore, Indonesia, and Australia previously and it has now op

Poloniex’s “TRC20-USDT Deposit Promotion” is Offering 100% yield & Extra Rewards

In the celebration of the New Year 2020, the crypto exchange Poloniex has started a new TRC20-USDT deposit promotion. It has started from 15th Jan and will run until 3rd Feb. This promotion is laden with attractions such as the participants can earn the highest annual yield on TRC20-USDT. On top of that, the top …

The Tezos Foundation incentivizes developers as XTZ turns bullish

The Tezos Foundation launched a cryptocurrency faucet to incentivize developers to build their smart contracts on top of the Tezos protocol. Meanwhile, several technical indicators estimate that XTZ is bound for an upswing. The Tezos faucet In a recent blog post, the Tezos Foundation announced the release of a faucet for the Tezos mainnet. The […]

Amazon Wants You to Pay with Your Hand instead of Your Credit Card

Coinspeaker Amazon Wants You to Pay with Your Hand instead of Your Credit CardAmazon, an e-commerce giant, is reportedly working on the solution that will offer customers a possibility to pay for purchases with their hands instead of traditional credit cards.Amazon Wants You to Pay with Your Hand instead of Your Credit Card

Australian fintech firm investing $20M in BTC approved by ASIC

Raiz, an Australian fintech firm best known for its round-up offering, has gotten the approval of the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) to add Bitcoin (BTC) to its list of investment services. The Australian fintech firm, which intends to launch its Bitcoin retail fund in the first half of this year, has said it would invest 95 percent of clients’ money in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) while the remaining 5 percent will be...

Investing spare change in bitcoin – Australian firm launching a fund with Gemini as the custodian

Raiz Invest, Australia-based micro-investing platform that allows users to invest spare change from everyday purchases, is launching a fund with bitcoin exposure.

Can TikTok Become Bigger than Instagram? Snap CEO Says It Is Highly Possible

Coinspeaker Can TikTok Become Bigger than Instagram? Snap CEO Says It Is Highly PossibleSnap CEO Evan Spiegel admits that he is a big fan of TikTok. He predicts that in the future TikTok will be able to overtake Instagram.Can TikTok Become Bigger than Instagram? Snap CEO Says It Is Highly Possible

Zipmex receives license from Thailand authorities to operate as cryptocurrency exchange

Zipmex announced that they had received a license to operate as a cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand. The exchange also operates in other countries, including Australia, Singapore, and Indonesia.   “Being a regulated entity will help provide trust to newcomers.” Zipmex Thailand CEO and Co-founder, Akalarp Yimwali on the occasion of getting the license from authorities, […]

Binance Adds Fiat-to-Cryptocurrency P2P Trading For The Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Binance, currently being the leading cryptocurrency exchange, continues to expand and add new features for its users. Starting today, the venue would allow direct fiat-to-crypto trading for the Vietnamese Dong (VND). Binance Adds P2P VND Trading Binance is the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange by means of the daily trading volume. More importantly, they are continually […]

Binance announces support for Vietnamese Dong on P2P trading platform

After unveiling its peer-to-peer trading platform in October 2019, Binance - one of the world's leading crypto-exchanges - has announced that a second fiat currency will be making its debut on the pla

Binance Adds Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Trading for Vietnamese Dong (VND)

Binance, the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, and blockchain ecosystem, today announced the launch of peer-to-peer (P2P) trading services for the Vietnamese Dong (VND). Starting today,

2 Genuine Reasons Why Bitcoin Will Hit $20,000 in 2020

Coming into the first quarter of 2020, offbeat asset bitcoin is already proving to be the year’s best investment. The benchmark cryptocurrency’s upside run has returned roughly twenty-fold returns in January. Its rate peaked at over $9,190 on Coinbase exchange on the 19th. In comparison, it was trading at a mere $6,300 on December 18th,...

Bitcoin Price Breaks Rising Channel Support: How Far Will The Consolidation Above $8,600 Go?

Bitcoin settles between $8,600 and $8,750 as bulls lick the wounds from the fall at $9,200. If the support at $8,600 fails to hold, the

Kudos to Crypterium for Pushing the Boundaries & Setting Inspirational Benchmarks

Remember the long-standing tussle between the traditional banks and the crypto industry? Well, in this brand new decade, the old situations will shed off and new possibilities are here to arise. Let’s welcome Crypterium! Crypterium, the bridge between the crypto industry and the traditional fiat industry, is here to offer many outstanding benefits to the …

Crypto Trading Exchange Liquid Teams Up with Quadency To Facilitate Traders

Liquid, the renowned cryptocurrency trading exchange, has announced its collaboration with a highly acclaimed crypto trading management services provider, Quadency. Strategically designed collaborations and partnerships have played an important part in the success of the cryptocurrency community. The latest integration between Liquid and Quadency will offer an array of best services to the users of …

Ripple Makes Big Bet on Asia-Pacific Remittance Market in 2020

Coinspeaker Ripple Makes Big Bet on Asia-Pacific Remittance Market in 2020Ripple has highlighted the poor state of the remittance market in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has announced that it will spread there in 2020 beginning with Thailand.Ripple Makes Big Bet on Asia-Pacific Remittance Market in 2020

Cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex bags license from Thai SEC

According to the official press release dated 20th January 2020 Asia’s popular cryptocurrency exchange Zipmex became the first exchange of this year to have bagged a license from the nation’s Ministry of Finance and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Singapore-based Zipmex is easily one of the most preferred cryptocurrency exchanges of the Asia Pacific region, as the platform managed to conduct trades worth sixty-seven billion...

FinNexus to use XRP Ledger to implement tokenized asset platform

FinNexus, a Fintech firm that’s creating an open-source finance protocol, is planning to launch a digital asset platform on the XRP Ledger. FinNexus’ “one-stop shop protocol” has been built on the three core pillars of the rapidly evolving decentralized finance ecosystem: diversity, value, and convenience. The privately-held DeFi firm aims to create marketplaces that provide […]

Tezos [XTZ] 5% Hourly Gain On Bitcoin (BTC) Pair Sets Bulls Target To 20,000 Sats

Tezos (XTZ) soars by 5% in two hours vs Bitcoin (BTC) pair as faucet launch is completed. XTZ/BTC price crossed past the 26 days EMA

Thai Regulators Issue Crypto Trading License to Zipmex Exchange

Recent reports from Thailand reveal that the country’s regulator, the SEC, had granted a crypto trading license to yet another exchange — Zipmex. Thai SEC just licensed another crypto trading platform The crypto situation in Thailand continues to develop, as the country recently received yet another licensed crypto exchange, which brings the total number of exchanges to six. According to the Thai SEC’s announcement, the newest...

Binance CEO responds to Chainalysis money laundering claims

In a report published on 15th Jan, Chainalysis claimed that Binance and Huobi received nearly 50% of the bitcoins tainted with crime and were laundered through these exchanges. Binance CEO took to tweeter to respond to those claims.   “Bad business etiquette for them to do this.” Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao tweeted, “Also knowing Chainalysis’ […]

Peter Schiff Loses Bitcoin Wallet Access; Questions Bitcoin Security

Peter Schiff, the well-known economist, financial broker, and gold bug, took the crypto community in a blow by announcing that he has lost access to his Bitcoin wallet making his BTC assets shockingly worthless. On January 19, 2020, through his official Twitter handle, Peter affirmed that his crypto password has become invalid and all his …

Bitcoin Signal That Preceded 288% Rally About to Flash, and It’s Huge for Bulls

While Bitcoin (BTC) has struggled, experiencing two plunges of 7% and 3%, respectively, the weekly chart of the cryptocurrency is on the verge of printing a bullish signal. The signal in question was last seen prior to BTC’s 288% surge from the mid-$3,000s to $14,000 in a few months’ time. Related Reading: This Late Night Host...

BitPay Expands XRP Support: Users Can Buy Even Amazon Gift Cards with XRP

Coinspeaker BitPay Expands XRP Support: Users Can Buy Even Amazon Gift Cards with XRPNow Amazon, Burger King, GameStop, DoorDash, Domino's, and Home Depot will support gift cards purchased on BitPay using XRP. BitPay Expands XRP Support: Users Can Buy Even Amazon Gift Cards with XRP

Bitcoin Worth Nearly $450 Million Moves For 25 Cents

Bitcoin showed just how inexpensive it can be as a tool for transferring value this morning. A 51,511 BTC transaction, worth almost $450 million, was sent for a fee of under 25 cents. Half a Ten Millionth of a Percent The transaction was included in block 613644, and a total amount of 51,511.81741968 was moved. At the time the block was mined, the bitcoin price was $8680.51, meaning $447.15 million of value was transferred. TheRead More

Bitcoin’s Mass Adoption is a Dream Until These 4 Things Happen

The road to mass adoption for any new technology is a slow one. This will also be the case for bitcoin but these four factors could accelerate the process. The past couple of years have certainly seen the greatest pace of bitcoin and crypto adoption. That epic rally at the end of 2017 when digital assets were all over mainstream media certainly helped. However, there are a few more things that may need to occurRead More

If Bitcoin’s Price Holds This Level, $10,000 Could Come Quick

Bitcoin hasn’t done too hot over the past day. As reported by this outlet earlier today, BTC suddenly fell off a cliff earlier today, with the price of the cryptocurrency slipping by 7%, plunging from $9,150 to $8,600 (as low as $8,450 on some crypto exchanges). Many immediately took this as a bearish sign. A […]

FinNexus Plans to Build Tokenized Asset Platform on XRP Ledger

Coinspeaker FinNexus Plans to Build Tokenized Asset Platform on XRP LedgerCrypto startup FinNexus is contemplating to use XRP Ledger to build a tokenized asset platform expected to be rolled in the last quarter of this year.FinNexus Plans to Build Tokenized Asset Platform on XRP Ledger

Ethereum Can Reach a Trillion Dollar Market Cap, But There is a Key Roadblock

Ryan Sean Adams, founder at Mythos Capital, made a case for a trillion dollar Ethereum market cap. And it’s all about decentralized finance (DeFi). DeFi refers to decentralized applications or platforms that allow investors to engage in traditional financial services by using Ethereum as collateral. Users can receive loans, trade derivatives, make payments, and more...