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Disclaimer: Our AI Crypto Screener is a tool specifically crafted to assist traders in making well-informed decisions when trading cryptocurrencies. While the Screener offers valuable signals for trading crypto, please be aware that we cannot guarantee profits. We do not function as investment advisors, and we strongly encourage users to carry out their own research and exercise due diligence prior to executing any trades. It is crucial to recognize that users are solely responsible for any trading losses incurred. We advise proceeding with caution and initiating small trades until you gain confidence in utilizing the Screener. Our Screener provides users with entry points for buying cryptocurrency. It's up to the user to determine when to sell, and we recommend using a stop loss strategy to minimize potential losses. We calculate profits from the entry point to the highest reached price, and losses are calculated from the entry point to the last price. Currently, the Screener only supports the Binance exchange, but we plan to expand to other exchanges in the future. Entry time may vary by few minutes due to the time required for calculation. The status column in our records consists of two distinct values - Open and Closed. The Open status indicates that we are actively monitoring the associated call and will continue to update the Profit and Loss (PNL) accordingly. On the other hand, the Closed status indicates that we have ceased monitoring that particular call, and the final PNL has been updated accordingly. To sort by multiple columns, simply hold down the 'ctrl' OR 'shift' key on your keyboard while clicking on the desired column headings.

AI Crypto Screener

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Version updated: 28 May