Binance and Gulf Energy to Launch New Crypto Exchange in Thailand


In a significant development in the crypto world, Binance Holdings Ltd and Gulf Energy Development Pcl have teamed up to establish a cryptocurrency exchange in Thailand. This new venture, named Gulf Binance Co, has recently received the green light from the Thai Securities and Exchange Commission, a key step in bringing this project to life.

Strategic Partnership Paves Way for Market Entry

The collaboration between these two giants is not just a business venture but a strategic alliance. Gulf Energy Development Pcl, steered by Sarath Ratanavadi, Thailand’s second-richest person, is a major force in Thailand’s corporate sphere. This partnership marks Binance’s strategic foray into the Southeast Asian market, leveraging Gulf Energy’s robust market presence and Ratanavadi’s financial prowess. The joint venture, structured with Gulf Innova holding a 51% stake and Binance owning 49%, is authorized to function both as a digital asset exchange and brokerage.

Phased Launch Ensures Compliance

The exchange is slated for a cautious, phased introduction in early next year. Initially adopting an invitation-only model, it aims to gradually expand to a broader audience. This stepwise approach reflects a commitment to adhere to the global regulatory framework governing digital assets and highlights the venture’s focus on responsible and compliant operations.

The relationship between these companies goes beyond this joint venture. Gulf Energy’s earlier investment of $20 million in Binance’s U.S. operations for a 0.4% stake illustrates their mutual confidence and interest in integrating traditional business models with the emerging crypto sector.

Ayushi Somani
Ayushi Somani
Ayushi Somani is an academically gifted individual who has a passion for blockchain technology. She is well-versed in the technology, having been an early adopter of cryptocurrency and investing in Bitcoin and several other digital currencies.

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