MicroStrategy Acquires 16,130 Bitcoins, Expanding Its Crypto Portfolio Dramatically


MicroStrategy Inc., under the leadership of Chairman Michael Saylor, has recently made a significant investment in Bitcoin, showcasing their confidence in the cryptocurrency. The Virginia-based company disclosed that it purchased an additional $593.3 million worth of Bitcoin in November. This recent acquisition of 16,130 Bitcoin brings the company’s total holdings to an impressive $6.5 billion. Notably, this is MicroStrategy’s largest Bitcoin purchase since February 2021, when it bought 19,452 Bitcoin for just over $1 billion.

Saylor’s Strategic Shift and Company’s Performance

Michael Saylor, who co-founded MicroStrategy, has been a strong advocate for Bitcoin since 2020, increasingly focusing on cryptocurrency investments. Following his transition from CEO to concentrate on Bitcoin strategy, the company has witnessed a significant upswing in its stock performance. This year, MicroStrategy’s shares soared by 250%, surpassing Bitcoin’s own 125% rally. The market is optimistic about the potential approval of a Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) in the US, which could further boost interest in cryptocurrencies.

Market Perspectives and Future Plans

Experts like Matthew J. Maley, Miller Tabak + Co.’s chief market strategist, believe that the introduction of a Bitcoin ETF could heighten interest in the asset class without significantly impacting MicroStrategy’s stock demand. Additionally, MicroStrategy has entered into agreements with firms like Cowen and Company, Canaccord Genuity, and BTIG to offer up to $750 million of common stock. Initially announced in August, these funds are earmarked for various purposes, including additional Bitcoin purchases, working capital needs, and debt repurchase.

Anish Khalifa
Anish Khalifa
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