Tornado Cash Developer Alexey Sentenced to Over 5 Years


Alexey Pertsev, a developer of the cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, has been convicted of money laundering by a judge in s-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands. On Tuesday, Pertsev received a prison sentence of 64 months for his involvement in laundering activities through the platform.

Details of the Conviction

The 31-year-old Russian national was taken into custody immediately following the court session, awaiting transfer to a suitable Dutch prison for his sentence. Pertsev has been in jail since his arrest in August 2022, shortly after the U.S. Treasury blacklisted Tornado Cash for facilitating money laundering, including for North Korea’s Lazarus Group which is linked to significant cryptocurrency thefts.

The court concluded that Tornado Cash offers no obstacles for individuals looking to launder criminal assets, which led to Pertsev’s conviction. The verdict pointed out that Pertsev made a habit of engaging in money laundering between July 2019 and August 2022, and failed to take account of the criminal origins of the transactions processed by Tornado Cash.

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Pertsev’s sentencing may influence future trials involving other Tornado Cash developers, such as Roman Storm and Roman Semenov, who also face allegations of money laundering and sanctions violations in the U.S. Storm is scheduled for trial in September, while Semenov remains at large.

Notably, Pertsev’s time served since his arrest will not be deducted from his sentence, meaning he will serve the full term issued by the court starting from the verdict date. He has the option to appeal the sentence.

This case underscores the increasing scrutiny and legal actions targeting developers and platforms associated with cryptocurrency laundering, marking significant legal precedents in how countries handle crypto-related crimes.

Raj Sharma
Raj Sharma
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