Market Buy : -18%
Market Sell :   -12%
Indicated Price : 8,026.603
15 days
7,762.350 8,826.000

8 days
7,908.860 8,826.000

3 days
7,908.860 8,420.000
Date/Time (UTC)   18 Oct 13:0018 Oct 12:0018 Oct 11:0018 Oct 10:0018 Oct 09:0018 Oct 08:0018 Oct 07:0018 Oct 06:0018 Oct 05:0018 Oct 04:0018 Oct 03:0018 Oct 02:00
BUY   87 (32%) 196 (59%) 39 (28%) 120 (39%) 113 (53%) 381 (58%) 47 (46%) 128 (50%) 767 (64%) 48 (53%) 51 (46%) 125 (61%)
SELL   188 (68%) 135 (41%) 103 (72%) 189 (61%) 101 (47%) 277 (42%) 55 (54%) 130 (50%) 435 (36%) 42 (47%) 61 (54%) 80 (39%)
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Price Quantity
Price Quantity
Exchange: Coinbase Pro Pair: BTC-USD Buy Wall: - Sell Wall: - Last Price: 24h Change: 24h High: 24h Low: Volume: 24h Buy: 24h Sell: All Time High: 19,892 USD Down from ATH: -60.28 % Total Supply: 21M+ Circulating Supply: 17M+
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Quantity (BTC)Total (USD)SideDate
241.161,905,404BUY18 Oct 2019
119.13933,193SELL18 Oct 2019
100.03788,475BUY18 Oct 2019
97.407777,025BUY18 Oct 2019
97.216763,309BUY18 Oct 2019
94.657746,181SELL18 Oct 2019
92.164743,182SELL17 Oct 2019
88.648693,723BUY18 Oct 2019
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